Objective Type Questions from Ranga’s Marriage

Very short questions or objective type questions with answers from the story Ranga’s Marriage written by Masti Venkatesha Iyengar – Based on NCERT pattern – Snapshot

Ranga's Marriage

Q. Who is the writer of the story Ranga’s Marriage ?

Answer – Masti Venkatesha Iyengar

Q. Who is the narrator of this story ?

Answer – Masti Venkatesha Iyengar

Q. Which village the writer belong to ?

Answer – Hoshahalli

Q. What is Ranga’s father ?

Answer – Accountant

Q. What is the name of the village doctor ?

Answer – Gundabhatta

Q. Which fruit is mentioned in the story ?

Answer – Mango

Q. Which language was not widespread in the village 10 years ago ?

Answer – English

Q. Which language do the people speak in Ranga‘s village ?

Answer – Kannada

Q. Which word could the woman not understand ?

Answer – Change

Q. Whom does Ranga want to marry ?

Answer – Ratna

Q. Why had the writer’s family gone to the doctor ?

Answer – For the treatment of cough

Q. How did Ranga exchanged pleasantries with the writer ?

Answer – He touched his feet

Q. Which play is mentioned in the story ?

Answer – Kalidasa’s Shaluntala

Q. Which fruit does Ranga take to the narrator’s house ?

Answer – Two oranges

Q. Whose niece was Ratna ?

Answer – Rama Rao

Q. Which musical instrument was Ratna had learnt ?

Answer – Veena and harmonium

Q. Who had said these words, ” I’ll send you some buttermilk. Ask Ratna to fetch it. ” ?

Answer – The narrator

Q. What was Ratna doing when Ranga went to her house ?

Answer – She was singing a song

Q. Where did the narrator and Ranga go for marriage purpose ?

Answer – Shastri, the astrologer

Q. Who tutored Shastri as to what to say in the presence of Ranga ?

Answer – Narrator

Q. Were Ranga and Ratna married ?

Answer – Yes

Q. What is the name of Ratna and Ranga’s son ?

Answer – Shyama

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