Very Short Questions From Albert Einstein at School

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from Albert Einstein at School by Patrick Pringle – From Snapshots – Based on NCERT pattern

Q. Who is the writer of this biography ?
Answer – Patrick Pringle
Q. From which book has this biography taken ?
Answer – The Young Einstein
Q. What is the life term of Einstein ?
Answer – 1879-1955
Q. What is Einstein’s biggest principle ?
Answer – Theory of Relativity

Q. At what ground were the French defeated ?

Answer – Waterloo by the Prussians

Q. With whom did Einstein have arguments in the class-room ?

Answer – History teacher

Q. Where did young Einstein not see any point ?

Answer – Learning dates and facts

Q. Who was Albert’s cousin ?

Answer – Elsha

Q. Where did Elsha live ?

Answer – Berlin

Q. Who was Albert’s best and only friend ?

Answer – Yuri

Q. Where did Albert live ?

Answer – Munich

Q. What is the name of doctor Yuri had found for Albert ?

Answer – Dr. Ernest Weil

Q. Who was his math teacher ?

Answer – Mr. Koch

Q. What is Albert’s theory of education ?

Answer – Having new ideas

Q. Who called Albert the worst liar of the world ?

Answer – Yuri

Q. Which musical instrument did Albert play ?

Answer – Violin

Q. Which disease was Albert suffering from ?

Answer – Nervous breakdown

Q. For how long did the certificate tell him to be away from the school ?

Answer – For Six months

Q. Where did Albert think of taking admission after leaving the German school ?

Answer – Italian college

Q. Who had called Albert in the school ?

Answer – Head teacher

Q. What happened to Albert in the school ?

Answer – He was expelled

Q. Who gave him a good reference for future admission ?

Answer – Mr. Koch

Q. Whom did Albert say goodbye after leaving his school ?

Answer – Yuri

For such very short questions or objective type questions with answers, keep coming here. We shall update this post in near future. These questions are very important for exam point of view.

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