Math Laboratory in all Zones in Haryana – Education Minister

Math shall now not be a phobia for the students of Haryana now. It will be as easy as playing hide and seek. Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma has said that in order to make the students understand in easier way, the state govt will set up math laboratory in every educational zone of the state. These laboratory will carry models with easy formula so that the students may grasp them quite easily.

The minister said that Math is the essential part of each and every phase of our life. He said that it is necessary for every person whether he is a farmer or a person related with technical field. They must have know how to deal easily in mathematics. Everybody must have at least basic knowledge of this subject. This is must for creating equality in our society.

The minister further said that it is but natural for all the students to forget math related things which they have learnt in schools. However, mathematical reasoning remains with us through out our life.

Sharma said that it shall be the great endeavor of the govt to remove math-phobia among the students of the state. So this action has been initiated. These laboratory will be set up by Haryana School Education Council for 119 blocks. For each block, there shall be the expenditure of Rs 3 lakh.

Math is one of the most difficult subjects for the students. They get tuition to overcome this fear. They get teachers’ rebuke for not performing good in math. Due to their being not good in math, they are not able to perform better in competitive exams. As a result, they lag behind.

According to the teachers and students, this shall be a historical step by the govt. It will certainly improve the standard of math. Besides it shall enhance taste among the students.

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