Nipah Virus – Related Information for Students, Examiners

This page is containing sufficient information regarding the outburst of the dreaded NIPAH virus in Kerala or some more adjacent places. This information is not only related with the students or the candidates who will sit in the competitive exams as some related questions may be asked. It is also concerned with other people in order to be aware about it.

We have put this information in the form of questions /answers.

Q. History of Nipah Virus ?

Answer – This virus was initially discovered when there was the outbreak of brain fever among pig farmers in Malasia and Singapore in 1998.

Q. How is this Virus spread ?

Answer – It is transmitted from person to person and matter of concern is that so far, there is no effective antiviral therapy for this  infection.

Q. Which people are more vulnerable to this disease ?

Answer – It spreads via different contacts –

Contact with the pigs

Contact with the bats

Consuming fruits already eaten by bats

And contact with contaminated bodies

Q. What are the early symptoms of this disease ?

Answer – Sudden fiver, headache, muscle pain, nausea, muscle pain, vomiting. In some cases, there are neck rigidity and photo-phobia.

Q. Way of diagnosing it. Which centre does it ?

Answer – ELISA Test currently done by National Institute of Virology, Pune.

Q. Prevention –

Answer – Avoid contact with pigs and pig handlers.

Personal Hygiene and hand washing properly.

Avoid consuming raw fruits. Before consuming, a  person makes sure that it is properly clean.

Using N95 Mask in such environment

Feeling such symptoms, immediately visit the doctor.

Q. Can it cause deaths ?

Answer – It may be deadly as there is no proper cure so far. But the doctors can manage it properly.

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