English Sentences related with Weather & Seasons

Every country and place has different weathers and seasons. In India, the weather is very hot in summer season and very cold in winter. It is pleasant in rainy season. In European and American countries, the winters are very harsh and they rarely have summer season.

So every country enjoys each and every season and weather- more or less. So English sentences related with Seasons and weathers are very important as most of time in a day we talk about current season or weather.

Important English Sentences related with Weather/Seasons

1. It’s terribly hot today – आज  बहुत ज्यादा गर्मी है।

2. Much heat has made him giddy / is making him feel giddy – ज्यादा गर्मी से उसे चक्कर आ रहा है।

3. The sky is overcast with clouds – आकाश  में छाये हुए हैं।

4. It may rain now – शायद अब बारिश हो।

5. Cool breeze is blowing – ठंडी ठंडी हवा चल रही है।

6. We must beware of loo – हमें लू इस बचना चाहिए।

7. We should drink/take lemonade in loo – हमें लू में शिकंजी पीनी चाहिए।

Sentences related with Weather / Seasons

8. The rain has made the weather pleasant – बारिश ने मौसम को खुशनुमा कर दिया है।

9.The roads are filled with rainy water – सड़कें बारिश के पानी से भरी हुई हैं।

10. It’s very humid today – आज उमस बहुत ज्यादा है।

11. The wind is still – हवा बंद है।

12. It is biting cold today – आज कड़ाके की ठण्ड पड़ रही है।

13. We are perspiring even in winter – सर्दी में भी पसीना आ रहा है।

14. The weather has suddenly turned bad – मौसम अचानक ख़राब हो गया है।

15. It hailed two days ago – दो दिन पहले ओले पड़े थे।

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