Grammar Translation Method - Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Grammar- Translation Method or Translation Method ? What are its Advantages and Disadvantages in teaching English Language ?

This Grammar- Translation Method is also called Classical Method of teaching English.This method has enjoyed a very good reputation amongst the Indian teachers and the students.

Translation Method means teaching the target language ( here it is English) by translating it into mother tongue. The teacher translates each word and sentence in to the mother tongue. This is one of the simplest way of teaching a foreign language. Neither the teacher nor the taught have to make extra efforts to learn the target language.

Advantages of Translation Method -

1. This method is useful in the class in which there are a large no of students.

2. It is beneficial to use in the class where there are students of various levels - very intelligent and not-so-very intelligent.

3. It helps the teacher to clear the meaning of a word and sentence easily by translating it in to the mother tongue.

4. The students understand the things very easily if taught using this method.

5. It doesn't consume the time in finishing the syllabus.

6. Precise pictures of the words and the things are made in to the minds of the learners through this method.

7. This Translation Method is very useful for the average and below-average students.

Disadvantages of Grammar-Translation Method -

1. No oral work takes place in the class room due to this method.

2. The main focus remains only on the mother-tongue and the target language remains ignored.

3. No Speaking in the target language is possible. The only thrust remains on the reading.

4. The students don't develop the power of thinking in the target language.

5. It doesn't help the students to learn correct pronunciation of English Language or the target language.

6. Main emphasis is given on the Rules of Grammar.

7. Students try to do everything by translating.

8. This method doesn't involve the students mentally and just like story telling method.

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