How to Prepare REET Exam – Read Effective Method

REET takes place almost every year. This education eligibility test is must for the aspirants of teaching in Rajasthan. That’s why millions of students apply for this test. It is on the pattern of CBSE. It consists two parts – Part 1 from 1st to 5th and Part 2 from 6th to 8th.

BSER has a major role in Rajasthan to hold this exam. Now we wish to help the students to clear this test. So read this topic and get benefits from this article.

Preparation Tips for REET

First of all, the candidates must have zeal for the teaching job. Only then they would be able to clear this test. Don’t think that you have to get job after clearing this test. Think you have to serve the country by teaching young children.

Check the whole syllabus for the test. Gather the best material available. You can get the advice of the previous successful candidates in selecting the book for the test. The best method can be reading the old question papers. They will provide you a great idea of the questions you can find in the exam. The major subjects are – Hindi, English, Child Development and Pedagogy etc. Go through all these subjects. Take help of others if you face any difficulty.

This test is not very difficult as it is a eligible test. So a bit of good preparation may help you in getting REET Pass Certificate.

For preparation of REET, give at least two months. It is sufficient. You can’t clear it with the preparation of one or two days.

Mock Test or test at home is a best and effective way to get confidence and get through this eligibility test 2018.

Don’t prepare anything new at the time of exam. That time must be reserved for revision  of what you have done. Don’t take the preparation seriously, just enjoy it. Thanks.

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