English Grammar Practice Set for HBSE 12th Students

Grammar is an important content for 10+2 exam of HBSE. There are many categories of grammar that appear in the test. The Grammar Section is of around 10 or 12 marks. Now in January or February, the students must have some idea of their Grammar Preparation. This portion comes under section c. So get ready to do some sentences of grammar from below. We have provided the whole solution at the end of the paper.

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Senior Secondary English Grammar Practice Set –

Use of verbs in the blanks –

1. a. I will not go till she ……… ( come ).

b. She ……….( decorate ) the room since morning.

c. They ………..( visit ) this place three years ago.

d. If they ……….( behave ) like this, nobody ………..( like ) them.

Use correct modals in the blanks ahead –

2. a. They have met with a serious accident. They ……….be taken to hospital very soon.

2.b. She ………..rather sleep than watch this movie.

c. The youth ……….follow the old traditions.

d. The soldiers die so that the country ………. survive.

Insert the articles as per the requirement –

3. a. He went to ………. school to pay the fee of his child.

b. …….air of Delhi is not pure.

c. He is not ……….honest person.

4. Change the voice of the following sentences –

a. Don’t smoke here.

b. It is time to take some rest.

c. Children will be watching TV this time.

5. Change the narration of the following sentences –

a. She asked,” Why is he so liar ? ”

b. I said to my friend, ” We must do something for the country.”

c. Rudra said to Kinjal,” When you were sleeping, I was watching TV.”

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Solution – 1. a. comes b. has been decorating c. visited d. behave, likes 2. a Must, b. would c. should d. may 3. a, b, the, an 4. a. You are forbidden to some smoke here. b. It is time for some rest to be taken. c. T.V will be being watched by children this time 5. a. She asked why he was so liar. b. I told my friend that we must do something for the country. c. Rudra told Kinjal that when she was sleeping, he was watching TV.

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