Know whether your children are safe or not in schools

Ministry of Human Resources and Women and Child Development Ministry has prepared a safety manual that carries 164 points for children in schools. There has been great increase in the murder and sexual harassment incidents regarding children. That’s why this initiative was necessary.

Now through this manual list, the parents would be able to know the safety measures of their children in the concerned school.

The concerned ministry has included directives from the schools and children to prepare this list.
Using this list, the parents would be able to know the safety measures of their wards.

According to the member of NCPC, the parents can do the audit of the school on the basis of check list in the Safety Manuals. If they find some deficiency in this list, they can complaint to the concerned education department.

According to officer, the schools will have to follow all the directions given in the list.

Children are safe or not in schools

The parents can get the whole information regarding Safety Manual and Check  List visiting the official website of the ministry –

It took one year to the department to prepare Check List in the Safety Manual. These 164 points contain information regarding building material, certificates regarding safety of the building. It is must to ensure that there is no burning or poisonous element in the school premises.

It is must there is the facility for the disabled students to reach various parts of the school such as canteen, library etc. All these parts must be in their reach.

All these steps are must considering the recent events of murders or sexual embarrassment mostly be bus drivers etc. According to this booklet, the drivers must be trained and carry a licence. There must be the police verification of  all the bus staff.

There should be the proper Transport Management System. All the school employees must submit the affidavit that they didn’t face POSCO charges earlier.

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