How to Correct Error in Name and Age in Haryana Schools

Read about the new decisions about changing the wrong Name and Age in Haryana Board Schools

This a good news for those students who get their names, parents’ names as well as date of birth during admission in th3e schools. The relief is that the candidates will be able to get them corrected in the schools. Now they will not have to go to the health department and court.

The previous procedure was very typical. It took many days and much effort in getting them correct. The Secretary of Haryana Board of Education Department has issued orders to all District Education Officers for implementation. The DEOs have conveyed these orders to all the private and govt schools.

It is very common thing that during admission such errors occur. Most of the times due to carelessness of the concerned clerk, there is the error in the letter or in date of birth. The sufferer are always the students and their parents. Sometimes it is the parents who become the cause of such errors.

HBSE allows the students to get their name Names and DOA changed in Schools

The pronunciation is almost correct or date or birth is spoken correctly, when while writing, the mistakes occur. The name or date of birth during registration at the time of admission gets place in Mark-sheets. In the past, it was very difficult process for getting them rectified. Now the students will get this facility in the schools.

Students’ names are registered four times in any of the schools. First registration takes place in first class, second in 6th class, 3rd in 9th class and last time in 11th class. Though the concerned authority takes every precaution, mistakes take place. The meeting to this regard had taken place on 20th of Sept 2017 in board office, Bhiwani Board. The candidates will have to get them corrected in the given duration. For more details they must visit the official website of the Board.

One District Education Officer revealed the fact there were numerous cases regarding the mistakes in names and date of birth. Such decision will benefit all these students.

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