Non-board classes – Marks don’t matter, run after knowledge

We understand that marks matter a lot in Board classes. Therefore, students don’t leave any stone unturned in getting more and more marks. They cram, copy and whatsoever they for grabbing more and more marks. There is the reason that Board Classes marks matter in further admission, in recruitment etc. So it is legitimate to make efforts for better marks in board exams. Hence knowledge and marks both matter in such classes.

However, in non-board classes, there is no need of using all tactics to get more marks. Students cram the material without understanding the stuff. During the exam, they don’t hesitate to copy. Why, what’s the use ? There is no importance of non-board classes further. There is no main admission on the basis of these classes. You can’t get jobs on the basis of the marks you have got in such classes.

So it is important for the students to get knowledge of the concerned subjects as much as possible. This knowledge shall be helpful in future. But despite all the advice the teacher gives, the students don’t understand. For them all the exams are same. Even in the internal exams. they copy and cram. In a way, it has become their mentality. And this is a result of poor education system which gives more more importance to marks than knowledge. Even there are movies like Three Idiots that gives the same message in very strong way.

There must be some platform where the students can judge themselves purely without using wrong means. Let them be ready for future. Even we assume that there must not be any importance of marks in board classes. Education must purely be knowledge provider. There must not be any admission on the basis of marks. We must try to change this poor education system and imitate system of some good countries.

We hope you shall give some comments on this opinion. Thanks

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