How to make your child focus on studies ? – Some Tips

Does your child run away from studies ? Is he/she a shirker who dislikes books ? Does he/she not take interest in his/her studies properly and keep sitting lazily ? Is he/she lost while studying ? Does the teacher complain of his/her not being involved in studies related matters ? Have you to ask him/her over and again to do studies ? How to make your child focus on studies

If your answers are in affirmative, we have a bit of solution to this problem. First of all the moot question is as to who is responsible for all this problem and the only answer is you the parents. You will realize your mistakes when you start reading this article. So here are some of the solutions of the above-said problems –

1. Don’t let your child watch TV while studying –

If your child is of the habit of doing two works simultaneously like watching TV and studying, don’t let him do so. This is a great blunder of yours if he/she does so. Such bad habit certainly causes poor concentration power. So don’t ignore it.

2. Fix their timing – Give them healthy schedule

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – believe in this saying. Now a days, there is a common tendency among the parents to ask their children to keep studying all the day in the name of tough competition or getting admission at some prestigious institutes.

This is the wrong habit. You are not doing justice to the childhood of your wards. Let them enjoy their childhood in the street and the playgrounds. Studying all the day makes them repulsive of it. So divide their time in recreational activities and studies. The good balance of it will certainly yield good results.

3. Be a role model –

Make it a habit to read something in the company of your children. They will certainly get inspired by you. You can read a novel or a newspaper when they are studying. They will be happy in your company and take more interest in studies. If won’t do that you are watching TV and dictating them to study in the next room. So be a model for them.

4. Keep inspiring them –

Motivation is one of the most potent factors in life. Everybody needs motivation to go ahead. Your children are not exception. Motivate them with the stories of great people who were good when they were students. Narrate stories from their childhood. You can also relate some stories from your city, neighborhood or from your own life. The live example shall be more motivational.

5. Don’t rebuke him/her for such problem –

Don’t rebuke your child if he/she is not taking interest in studies. Ask him/her the reason. Try to solve it affectionately. Any arbitrary attitude of yours shall make him/her stubborn and more reluctant towards studies.

So take care of such things and see the results for yourself.

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