Is there need of Corporal Punishment? An Opinion, A Short Essay

This issue is being debated a lot these days. Intellectuals have entered into this wrangle with a bit of enthusiasm. The Issue is – Physical Punishment – Necessary or Not ? There are many versions and opinions of the people towards this question. Some of them link it with humanitarian Ground – saying that the children are not animals, they need more love than punishment.

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Some have the orthodox views. They believe in the saying – spare the rod, spoil the child. So if we have to reform our children, if we want them to behave in a good way, rod ( Punishment ) is necessary. There is no problem in giving mild punishment otherwise they will become rude and impudent and then it will be difficult for us to reform them.

Read below some views for and against the use of Corporal Punishment. These are our personal views. You can give yours using comment box below.

Is Corporal Punishment necessary ? – A Short Essay

There are mixed views on using the Corporal Punishment. Some say that this is the uncivilized attitude, violation of human rights. Resorting to physical punishment causes phobia among the young students of the schools and they start hating this temple of learning.

On the other hand there are people who say if there is no fear in the mind of the students, they will become impudent and indiscipline and at growing up they may become a nuisance to the society. So this physical punishment is necessary for the teachers to adopt.

There is also a third category which believes that the corporal punishment to a bit extent is necessary. They think that there should be the balance between the punishment and non-punishment.

Our views –

However, we believe that there should  be a light punishment for the students that may create some fear among the students. In this way they may be able to learn good habits like discipline and obedience etc. But the punishment must be light and symbolic such as mild rebuking and the one resembling light exercises.

Note This is the essay for board and non-board students from 9th to 12th classes.

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