Why to charge more fees for Re-evaluation and Rechecking ?

As most of the Educational boards have released their results, the students are involved in further processes. Results of most of the boards have been abysmal. Most of them have produced only around 50% results. It means around half of the total students have failed. Haryana, Punjab, Bihar etc come under this category.

Now these students have no alternatives but to go for re-evaluation and rechecking. In re-evaluation, they can get their whole answer- sheet checked again. And in rechecking, the checker checks the answer-sheets only cursorily. He checks the total score and makes sure that no answer is left unchecked.

We have seen that most of the students get benefits of the rechecking or re-evaluation. Sometimes, they get 20 to 30 marks’ benefit while undergoing this process. Especially those who are failed marginally get more benefit when they get one or two magical marks helping them to change their category. It means they get added to the list of pass students.

But there are many unfortunate candidates who can’t avail this privilege. These poor young people can’t afford the high fees for re-evaluation and rechecking. Check the fees of these two processes from ahead ( for Haryana Board students for example)

Re-evaluation Rs. 1200
Re-checking Rs. 450

Why to pay Exorbitant fee for Rechecking and Re-evaluation?

In other states also, the fee is almost similar. Now the question is if this facility is limited to only the students of well-off families. Why is there financial hurdles for the poor students ? If they think that they should have got better scores and they must go either for re-evaluation or rechecking, money must not prevent them from doing so.

Even Private schools of Haryana have come forward to help such students. The representatives of these schools have offered to recheck or re-evaluate the answer-sheets of the students for free. The idea behind this offer is that many poor students can’t use this facility due to financial problem. As a result their whole year is spoiled. They main focus is to help such students.

On the other hand, some teachers think that there should be the high fees for rechecking and re-evaluation to discourage the students to misuse this facility. Sometimes, students avail this facility recklessly causing inconvenience to the paper-checkers who have to visit the Board Headquarters at Bhiwani on their own expenses and after doing rechecking/ re-evaluation find no change in the answer-sheets. It happens in around 90% cases.

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