Idioms and Phrases from Previous Recruitment Exams – Practice Set

Something about Idioms –

There is no doubt that English Language is full of idiomatic expressions. They make the language both ornamental and powerful. Idioms may be defined as expressions peculiar to the language. It is not a matter of logic or grammatical principles. It is fixed by long usage and its order of words should never be changed.

We are publishing some Idioms and Phrases from some previous exams ( Railways, Banks, NDA, SSC, etc.). Learning them may be beneficial for you for your upcoming exams.

Practice Set – Idioms and Phrases from the Previous Recruitment Exams –

Note – Every question shall have four alternatives. You will have to choose correct one.

Q. 1 A wild goose chase :

a. chase of a wild goose b. a fruitless attempt c. bird hunting d. to find faults

Answer – b

Q. 2. To blaze a trail

a. to set on fire b. to blow the trumpet c. to be annoying noise d. to initiate work in a movement

Answer – d

Q. 3. To be a good Samaritan –

a. a religious person b. to be obedient c. a genuinely charitable person d. A citizen of Samaritan

Answer – c

Q. 4. To make one’s pile –

a. to construct one’s house b. to make a successful career c. to make a fortune d. to keep a rubbish

Answer – b

Q. 5. Look through –

a. understand thoroughly b. to see via a mirror c. to see inside d. to see casually

Answer – a

Important Idioms / Phrases from Previous Exams

Q. 6. To fly off the handle –

a. to dislocate b. to lose one’s temper c. to take off d. to be airborne

Answer – To lose one’s temper

Q. 7. To read between the lines –

a. to suspect b. to read carefully c. to understand the hidden meaning of the writer d. to do useless things

Answer – c

Q. 8. To bury the hatchet –

a. to drown the obstacles b. to make peace c. to dig the pit and throw garbage in it d. to overcome difficulties

Answer – to make peace

Q. 9. Pulled up –

a. warned b. questioned c. taken to task d. accused

Answer – c

Q. 10. Taken in –

a. influenced b. flattered c. deceived d. encouraged

Answer – c

Q. 11. To set the Thames on fire –

a. To try something impossible b. to work evil on somebody c. to destroy with fire d. to do a heroic deed

Answer – a

Q. 12. Apple of Sodom –

a. tasteless apples b. delicious apples c. subject of strife d. disappointed expectations

Answer – d

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