BSEB made mockery of 10th and 12th Results – Toppers again in trouble

It seems as if the Bihar School Education Board doesn’t want to learn from the past. Last year, the board was in the news for mass-copying and poor results. Even the board had to cancel the results of the toppers of various streams. The story is going on even this year. Cases of mass copying, poorer results and again the topper is in the trouble.

The nexus between the school administrations and the board officials is quite clear. The schools don’t leave any stone unturned to get their students not only passed but make sure that they top the board. This situation reminds us the scene of the movie ” BA LLB – Part 2 ” in which Akshay Kumar helps the examinees solve the question paper in lieu of some money.

If there is the fraud of such level, what is the Nitish Kumar’s Govt doing and what is the role of BSEB ? Even more, the officials and concerned Minster don’t take much time to come out in the support of this so-called topper. Lakhs students have been failed in both the classes.

These students are out on the streets now to lodge their protests against this poor result. Even there are some cases of suicides from the state. So who is responsible for ruining the career of millions of students in the state ? Who is to blame for ruining the reputation of the state which once used to be the hub of quality education not only for the Indian students but for foreign students as well.

Now every body is laughing at the poor education system in Bihar. Who has given the people the opportunity to make fun of the state and what punishment will the guilty get ?

This problem of deteriorating education system is not limited to Bihar only, this is case with other states as well. The other states like Punjab, UP, Haryana etc are also not doing any justice to the Education System. Students here are  also committing suicides. Non-deserving students are getting more marks than the deserving ones.

However, the Haryana govt has made some policies to improve the standard of education in the state. It has cured some diseases caused by the previous govt. It has removed no-detention policy, it has abolished the system to give grace marks to the failing students and so on. Punjab govt has also risen from its slumber after the poor show of Board results. It has decided to convert its 400 schools into English Medium schools.

However, I think that more than these steps, the governments and boards of the states must focus on real teaching and learning in the classes. They must recruit quality teachers strictly on the merit basis. There should be proper transparency and if it is possible, the recruitment should be sans reservation policy. Erring officers and teachers must be dealt severely. Only then we shall be able to make education meaningful.

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