With 2 Years’ Gap No Admission to Regular Course in College

Department of Higher Education, Haryana has made a new rule today regarding the admissions to colleges and universities. As per the new rule, students with two years of gap can’t apply as regular students in a college or university in the state. Therefore this decision is a big blow on such students who couldn’t continue their studies owing to some hurdles and now wish to resume their studies in regular mode.

What was the Previous Rule for the students with more than 2 years’ gap ?

Previously, the students with gap in their studies could have resumed their studies after submitting their affidavit. In their affidavit, they had to mention the reason for the gap. Now if the students have more than 2 years’ gap, this affidavit shall not be valid. Now many a student who is dreaming to be the part of regular studies now find their this dream shattered due to this new rule.

However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t continue their studies. They have the option to go for higher education in correspondence mode. All the universities offer courses in both Regular and Private/ Correspondence modes.

As everybody knows that Higher Education Dept has made new rules for the admission to colleges this year. For this session 2017-2018, Online Admission Process has begun. The students can go to the particular website and enroll themselves. All the colleges have been apprised of this decision via various means of correspondence such as email and letters.

However, the aspirants here are facing new problems. Sometimes the server is down and other times, electricity problem create problems in online registration. Shop-keepers who do the work related with filling of online applications are also looting these innocent students.

Students’ views –

According to some students this is not a good decision. They say that most of the students leave their regular studies due to financial problems and family obligations. But after sometime when they are able to continue their studies, govt has snatched their right for regular studies.

Though they can get themselves enrolled in correspondence / distance mode courses, they are not qualitative, they believe. Some professional courses such as MBA/ MCA etc don’t have job value when done through correspondence. Even in some govt jobs, some private courses are not valid.

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