Should Haryana School Guest Teachers go or not ?

Haryana Govt had appointed a few thousands Guest Teachers around 10 or 12 years ago. There was no fixed criteria for recruiting the guest teachers then. These teachers were appointed as per the vacant seats in the concerned schools.

There was the big role of the head of the institutions or BEO or DEO in their appointments. Their Degrees were not checked. There was no consideration of the Reservation Policy. Even most of the unqualified candidates entered the teaching field.

That time most of the candidates who had joined the Govt schools were jobless candidates who did not get job anywhere. Those who were in jobs, even in small private schools with petty salaries didn’t join this offer of joining the govt schools as a Guest faculty.

There were reasons behind it – first the nature of the job was temporary as the name of the post suggest and secondly the salary was to be given period wise. So there was insecurity in the job as the Guest teachers in Govt Schools.

Why should Guest Teachers in Haryana go ?

So most of the competent people didn’t join as Guest faculty. It was only those who didn’t have any job, we don’t know why, took this guest teachers’ jobs. So there was no scrutiny or rules and regulations in appointing these people. The most important thing is that They were appointed on the contract basis which was the nature of this job.

The Honorable Courts have asked the Haryana Govts ( Previous Congress Regime  and now this present BJP Govt ) to terminate their services but due to cheap politics for the votes both the govts have failed in doing so.

There are thousands of Eligible Teachers ( HTET Qualified ) waiting for the jobs. However the Govt is lost in its love for the Guest teachers. Contradicting statements from the ministers are misleading the people.

On one hand the CM says that the Guest Teachers must go as it was their backdoor entry, the Education Minister says that the Guest Teachers will not let go and their TGT status would be changed in PGT one in order to save their jobs.

Yes, we do have sympathy with the guest teachers as they have given so many years of their lives to this service and this sudden termination will leave them no where. But sometimes we must listen to our mind instead of our heart. Rules and Regulations must prevail every where if we have a dream of developed India. Thank you.

CM Khattar says – Even if the govt wants, it can’t regularize guest teachers.

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