Chiding or Rebuking to reform students not crime – HC

MP High Court has given a very clear verdict that to reform the students using chide or rebuke is not crime. So far it is considered a punishable crime to use such methods. In the past, teachers had the right to use such tactics to reform or improve the children. That time people had not objection in teachers’ using such means. Even the parents would go to their children’s teachers for their being strict towards their children.

There was good discipline and students knew ethics, it is believed. But now in the modern education, to say something strict to the children is considered punishable crime. Students have become so sensitive that most of time they commit suicide. The teachers involved in such cases face cases of abetting to suicide or losing of their jobs, Even they can’s say any thing to the students. They are scolded by the parents and the members of the management.

MP High Court Decision on Punishment to Students

In the related case, MP High Court Judge AK Palo gave the very significant decision regarding this trend and released a principal of some school from the charge of abetting to suicide. The petitioner had filed the petition that he had rebuked the students of 9th class because he was involvement in the molesting and writing indecent letters to girls of the students.

This decision of the court will relieve the teachers from a big burden. They always face pressure of not saying anything to the students. If they say anything, they face criminal charges and become the part of newspapers.

Teachers have welcome this decision of the court. To some extent giving punishment will help the students to be in discipline. Now there are increased cases of students being indiscipline and misbehaved. It will help the students to be under control and enhance the respect and fear of the teachers among students and improve the atmosphere of the schools.

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