Now TET May be for Lifetime – Efforts are on

Now it’s a good news for those who have cleared or have aim to clear Teachers’ Eligibility Test ( TET).  Now the National Counseling of Teacher Education ( NCTE)  has made some changes in the old rules in the TET. As per the information, NCTE wants TET to be for lifetime. So far its for 5 five years. In this connection, the agency has sent its report to the Central Govt for making these changes.

The Haryana govt had begun TET for the first time in the state in 2008. For the candidates it was for life time for 2008 and 2009 session candidates. However, later the Congress govt had reduced this period to 5 years. All the candidates had objected to this move of the govt. The plea from the candidates was that it caused a lot of trouble to clear the test over and again. Everybody knows that TET is necessary for all teaching aspirants fro teaching 10th and 12th classes. At center level it is CTET and all the states have their own TET such as PSTET, HTET, UP TET etc.

Last Month Preparation for HTET

This new rule will give a big relief to all the TET holders. However, it is believed that this rule will not be applicable to candidates who have already cleared the test. Only new candidates may get the benefit of this new rule. It is believed that Srivastav Committee’s this report will soon get consent from the centre govt. However, there are many changes. The candidates will be able to get about these changes after the approval.

All the candidate have welcomed this move the commission. They think that it would help them to get rid of frustration and humiliation of taking it over and over and again. In some cases, the candidates’ TET becomes invalid without taking any Recruitment Test. So this is a big ray of hope for all such candidates.

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