Questions from The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck for the Exams

Prepare Answers of the following Questions - Short Questions with Solution

Question - What was the chief concern of Sadao's father about Dr Sadao ?
What was the chief concern of Sadao's father and what did he do for it ?

Answer. Sadao's education was the chief concern of his father. He never joked or played with the boy. He worried about his education only. When Sadao was twenty - two , he went to America for doing MBBS.

Question- Why was Sadao not sent abroad with the troops ?

Answer - Sadao was a famous doctor of Japan. He knew how to make the wounds completely clean. In addition to that, he had been treating the old General. The General needed an operation which Sadao could perform. So, Dr. Sadao was not sent abroad with the troops.

Question - Who was Hana ? Where had Sadao met her ?

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Answer - Hana was Dr.Sadao's wife. Sadao had met Hana in America at the house of a professor where some foreign students lived. But he waited to fall in love with Hana until he was sure of her being a Japanese.

Question - How did the foreign students feel at Professors Harley's house ?

Answer. Professor and his wife were kind people. These people were curious to help their some foreign students. The students felt bored there because the rooms were very small and the food was also no good. And also the teacher's wife was talkative.

Prepare Questions from The Enemy by Pearl S. Buck -

Question- How did Sadao's marriage with Hana come to take place ?

Answer. Sadao met Hana in America. He liked Hana, however, he waited to fall in love. He wanted to be sure of her being a Japanese. Sadao's father was also very particular in such matters. Both Sadao and Hana came back to Japan after finishing their studies. Their marriage was arranged in the old Japanese way by their parents.

Question. What did Dr Sadao and his wife Hana see one day ?


What did Sadao and Hana see when they were standing at their door one misty night ?

Answer. Both of them saw something black in the mists. It was a man. No doubt, he came out of the ocean.  A breaker in water put him to  his feet. The man staggered some steps. Then Sadao and Hana saw him crawling on his hands and knees. Then the man fell on his face and lay there.

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