American Literature – Practice Set for NET, PGT/ Lecturer English Exams

American Literature is wide and rich. It has affected the literature of other languages and vice versa. For the candidates who have been preparing for NET English or Screening Tests for Lectureship at College or School Level it is more important. There are many questions in such exams from American Literature.

There have a great no of American writers who have influenced the readers across the world. Some of them are – R.W Emerson, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickensons, Walt Whitman, Henry James, O’ Henry, Robert Frost etc.

So American Literature has become an integral part of college and university syllabi and also of exams. Here we have provided some of the Questions based on American Literature. So get ready to check your knowledge of American Literature.

Q. 1 William Sydney is the actual name of ?

Ans – O’ Henry

Q. 2. Which American writer was influenced by Hinduism ?

Ans – Walt Whitman

Q. 3. How do we know the period from 1815 to 1820 ?

Ans – Growth of Romanticism

Q. 4. Samuel L. Clemens is the actual name of ?

Ans – Mark Twain

Q. 5. What is Uncle Tom’s Cabin by H.B. Stowe about ?

Ans – Slavery

American Literature Practice Set

Q. 6. Whom have some critics called Prose-Shakespeare ?

Ans – O’ Neill

Q. 7. Who has written What Price Glory ?

Ans – Maxwell Anderson

Q. 8. Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf is the work of ?

Ans – Tennessee Williams

Q. 9. What is Hairy Ape About ?

Ans – Conflict between capitalism and working class and problem of alienation.

Q. 10. Explain Electra Complex –

Ans – Mother’s excessive love for her son

Q. 11. American writer who bagged Pulitzer Award for poetry for four times ?

Ans – Robert Frost

Q. 12. The line ” Success is counted sweetest by those who never succeeded ?

Ans – Emily Dickenson

Q. 13. Who created the famous characters of Gogo and Didi ?

Ans – Samuel Beckett

Q. 14. Who has written My Life and Hard Times ?

Ans – James Thurber

Q. 15. Who has written the pamphlet ” The Good Gray Poet” about Whitman ?

Ans – William Doubglas

Q. 16. The Editor of The Brooklyn Eagle and The Brooklyn Times is

Ans – Whitman

Q. 17. What is the year of St Thomas canonization ?

Ans – In 1173

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Q. 18. Year of T.S Eliot’s death ?

Ans – In 1965

Q. 19. Name the heroine of Vanity Fair ?

Ans – Becky Sharp

Q. 20. Of which book is Ferrex and Porrex the other name ?

Ans – Goboduc

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