English Literature Paper for UGC NET, HPSC English Test

Haryana Public Service Commission has roughly published the date of Screening Test for Asst Professors and UGC NET is fixed in June and December. The candidates who are preparing for English Subject are in constant search of Questions related with Literature.

We have already published a no of Practice Papers on English Literature. This is yet another English Literature Practice set for the candidates who are either preparing for College Level Sr Lectureship/ Asst Professor for any of the states in India / or for UGC NET.

Practice Paper for UGC NET / Assistant Professor Screening Test –

Q. 1 Who said the following line – ” Cousin Swift, you will never be a poet.” ?

Q. 2. Which century do the Kit-Cat clubs belong to ?

Q. 3. Who uttered the following line – ” Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” ?

Q. 4. Pollas is called the goddess of –

Q. 5. How long did Robinson Crusoe live in the deserted island in Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe ?

Q. 6. How many volumes did Clarissa Harlowe have ?

Q. 7. What do we call the period ( 1715 to 1740)

Q. 8. In which year was Robert Southey English Poet Laureate ?

Q. 9. Name the incomplete novel by Jane Austen ?

Q. 10. Whose pen-name is Elia ?

Q. 11. To whom did ST Coleridge address his Ode to Dejection ?

Q. 12. Who has written the sonnet ” It is a Beauteous Evening Calm and Free” ?

Q. 13. Which novel of Jane Austin does Mrs Musgrove belong to ?

Q. 14. Rousseau was a ——— writer.

Q. 15. What do we mean by Peripeteia ?

Q. 16. Name the writer who introduced Ottava Rime into English.

Q. 17. Who has written the book called ” Portrait of Mr Jinnah” ?

Answers – 1. Dryden 2. 18th Century 3. Bacon 4. Wisdom 5. 28 years and 2 months 6. Eight 7. Controversial Literature 8. 1813 9. Sandition 10. Charles Lamb 11. Wordsworth 12. Wordsworth 13. Persuasion 14. French  15. A reversal of intention 16. Wyatt 17. J.L Nehru

We shall bring to you more Practice Sets for NET/ Assistant Professor Screening Test by HPSC. So you are advised to visit more and more at Examweb.in. We also welcome your suggestions and comments in the comment box below. Thanks

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