Superstitions in India – Need to curb them

A brief Essay on Superstitions in India – Remedy/ Solutions

Indian is a land of diversities with more than 125 crore people and their various faiths residing here. The chief religions are – Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism et al. Many festivals are celebrated here according to religions.

Each religion has its characteristic. People are bound with their concerned religion with body and soul. They follow traditions. They visit their worshiping places and offer their respects to their deities.

But this faith in their religion takes the form of superstitions. Superstitions which people also call blind faith in a simple language.  It is some extent or big extent found in every religion. In Hindu religion, there are infinite no of superstitions prevailed. Some of them were shown on TV recently. These superstitions make us bite our fingers with shock.

In one incident that took place in some village of Karnataka, the villagers were playing Holi of cinders. Most of them including women and girls as well were walking on the burning cinders and throwing it at each other. The similar incidents have taken place at other places as well.

Superstitions in India – An Essay

Even in some coaching centres, the students are made to walk on the fire allegedly to raise their confidence.

In another horrible incident in some other part of the country, small kids are burnt with burning rods following some tradition. Somewhere people pour boiled milk over the helpless tiny-tots. Somewhere a so-called Baba lives underground apparently without oxygen for fifteen days and perform puja. Even he doesn’t eat anything during his stay underground.

There is one who has taken resolution to lie half buried till he has a glimpse of Goddess. There is also another who has been performing his pilgrimage of various famous pilgrims of the country by rolling down on the earth. He has covered thousands of kilometers in such a way.

We hear so many things like that. These people have made the mockery of the religion. These people easily befool the gullible people to axe their own grind. Most of the people who follow such hypocrites are illiterate and poverty-stricken.

There is the need to shed these superstitions from society. Innocent people become victim of such superstitions. Sometimes people lose their lives and wealth due to them. Educated people must come forward to remove the blanket of superstition from before the eyes of the people.

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