What is Linguistics? Courses, Institutes, Eligibility, Scope

Definition of Linguistics with Scope, Courses, Institutes that provide these courses, Eligibility Criteria

What is Linguistics ?

Linguistics is the study of language. Linguistics includes the studies of Phonetics ( production, acoustics and listening of speech sounds such as p, b, t, d etc.), Phonology ( the study of sounds), Morphology ( the study of the structures of words), Syntax ( related with the structure of sentences), Semantics ( studies of signs/ symbols), Pragmatics ( Practicality of the language in context).

Name of the Courses in Linguistics / Eligibility-

Now a days, there is much demand of the candidates possessing degrees or diplomas in linguistics. Various institutes/ universities offer various courses in Linguistics. Get to know about some of Courses –

  • Bachelor of Arts Hons Linguistics – This UG course has the duration of 3 years. The candidates must have passed 10+2 with Arts.
  • PG Diploma in Linguistics – The duration of this diploma is 1 year. The diploma is divided in to two semesters. BA should be the qualification.
  • MA in Applied Linguistics – The aspirants must have BA.
  • Advanced Diploma in Applied Linguistics – Graduation in humanities
  • M.Tech Computational Linguistics – Using Computer technology to solve problems related with Linguistics.
  • PhD Linguistics – Eligibility is M.Phil in Linguistics

The aspirants can pursue their PhD in the following streams – Applied Linguistics, Socio-linguistics, Computational Linguistics and Theoretical Linguistics.

Institutes / Universities that offer Courses in Linguistics –

AMU, Uttar Pradesh

JNU, New Delhi

Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad

University of Calcutta

University of Delhi

IIIT Hyderabad

Scope of Linguistics –

Teaching / Research –

You can get a job of Assistant Professor if you possess PhD or MA with NET. Lecturer’s job with MA in Linguistics. And you can get job in teaching in various capacities.

Banking Sector – Due to Globalization, Banking Sectors are hiring the experts in Linguistics. Now the banks have to deal with Multinational companies.

There is the urgent need of the Linguistics in Healthcare, Software Industry, Publishing Works etc.

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