HBSE ( Haryana Board ) 8th English Grammar Practice Set

Check your practice of HBSE/ BSEH (Haryana Board ) 8th English Grammar with solution/answers from below- Useful links for all the students

Haryana Board 8th English Grammar Set with Solution/ Answers – Be ready to solve it

Q. 1. Use of Verbs :-

Write down the simple past and past participle of the following –

a. Ask

b. Do

c. Fight

d. Set

Answer – a. Ask        Asked        Asked

b. Do       Did         Done

c. Fight          Fought          Fought

d. Set           Set          Set

Q. 2. Use of Tense

a. We ——— ( read ) comics.

Answer – read

b. Has Sita ——– ( teach ) us for five years ?

Answer –  Has Sita been teaching  us ….. ?

c. They have ———- ( find ) a purse.

Answer – found

d. India ———- ( win ) the match yesterday.

Answer – won

Q. 3. Use of Articles

a. John has ———– cat.

Answer – a

b. Ravi is ———- Virat Kohli of their team.

Answer – a

c. She reads ——— Tribune daily.

Answer – The

d. They are going to ———- U.A.E.

Answer- the

Q. 4. Use of Modals ( Auxiliary Verbs )  –

a. Ram ——– come here definitely. ( determination )

Answer – shall

b. My father ——— to tell me bed time stories everyday ( habit in the past ).

Answer – used

c. ———- that I were God ! ( wish )

Answer – would

d. You ———— read this book ( advice ).

Answer – should

Q.5. Use of Reported Speech ( Narration ) –

a. The old man said to me, ” The sun is a star. ”

Answer – The old man told me that sun is a star.

b. She said to me, ” Are they your brothers ? ”

Answer – She asked me if they were my brothers.

c. Radha said to Mohan, ” Why do you tell a lie ? ”

AnswerRadha asked Mohan why he told a lie.

d. The farmer said to his sons, ” Union is strength. ”

Answer – The farmer told his sons union is strength.

Q. 6. Use of Voice

a. Does he speak the truth ?

Answer – Is the truth spoken by him ?

b. Sanjay will play cricket.

Answer- Cricket will be played by Sanjay.

c. Please write this essay.

Answer – You are requested to write this essay.

d. The children were plucking flowers.

Answer – F;lowers were being plucked by the children.

Q. 7 Use of Preposition

a. I will come here ——- Saturday.

Answer- on

b. They like to sit ——– the bus.

Answer – in

c. The children are playing ——— the room.

Answer – in

d. The lion was sleeping ———- the tree.

Answer – under

Should any of the students finds any error in the question paper above, our team requests you to tell that error so that we may correct ourselves ( this question paper ). We hope you may find some sentences from this question paper in your exam. Our team wishes you good luck.

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