HSSC CET Practice Papers/ Sets of English

Haryana Staff Selection Commission ( HSSC ) Common Eligibility Test ( CET ) English Practice Papers/ Sets with Answers/Solution  – Useful links for the CET examinees

You are given options. You have to find the right option.

What is the correct spelling ?

a. Necessary b. Necessarry c. Nacesary  d. Nessery

Answer – a. Necessary

Which sentence has the error ?

a. Furnitures are  b. Break  in to the house c. Second hand d. no error

Answer – a. Furniture is

What is the meaning of – Fear of dead body ?

a. Die-hard b. Optimist c. Necrophobia d. None of the above

Answer – c. Necrophobia

Find the correct answers from the following options –

a. Government buy a King or Queen – a. Plutocracy b. Kekistocracy c. Bureaucracy d. Monarchy

Answer – d. Monarchy

Find the correct antonym of  Subside -a. Swell b. Succeed c. Subordinate d. Subvert

Answer – a. Swell

What is the correct antonym of Compassionate – a. Lascivious b. Merciless c. Lusty d. Mellifluous

Answer – b. Merciless

Find the correct option of – A wild goose chase – a. A fruitless attempt b. Bird hunting c. Chase of a wild goose d. To find faults

Answer – a. A fruitless attempts

Find the right option of – Apple of Sodom – a. Tasteless Apples b. Tasty Apples c. Disappointed Expectations d. Subject of strife

Answer- c. Disappointed Expectations

Choose the right option of the voice – They were taken to the hospital  –

a. The hospital was being taken by them.

b. They were being taken to the hospital by unknown persons.

c. By people were taken them to the hospital.

d. People took them to the hospital.

Answer – d. People took them to the hospital.

Choose the correct option of the following voice – Can this letter be read by you ? –

a. Could you read this letter ?

b. Can you read this letter.

c. Can you read that letter?

d. Can you read this letter ?

Answer – d. Can you read this letter ?

Choose the right alternative ( Preposition ) – Ram is known ————- me. –

a. by  b. to  c. at d. None of these

Answer – b. to

The CET exam may occur on 05 November and 06 November 2022. This English Practice Paper may be helpful for you.

In near future, we shall also add some more questions of English with their answers. We wish all the examinees good luck for their respective exams.

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