HBSE 9th English Grammar Practice Set with Solution

Haryana Board ( HBSE/BSEH ) English Grammar Practice Set with answer/ solution for 9th class – Useful links for the students – Important Sentences for the upcoming exam

English Grammar Practice Paper for 9th class –

1 Use of Punctuation :-

a. akshay lives in asia

Answer – Akshay lives in Asia.

b. radha said to shyam is tea ready

AnswerRadha said to Shyam, ” Is tea  ready ? “.

c.  may god bless you

Answer – May G0d bless you !

d. i went to my mother in law yesterday

Answer – I went to my mother-in-law yesterday.

2. Use of Articles

a. She is ———- tallest woman I have ever met.

Answer – the

b. ———- Himalayas are in ———– north of ———– India.

Answer – The , the, X

c. There is ——— little water in the jug which is not enough for him to drink.

Answer – X

d. ———- John is my friend.

Answer -X

3. Use of Tense

a. Children ———- ( write ) a poem this time.

Answer – are writing

b. In winter, I ———- ( not take ) bath in cold water.

Answer –  do not take

c. They ———- ( read ) magazine for ten minutes that time.

Answer –  had been reading

d. Ravi ———- ( kill ) a snake yesterday.

Answer – killed

4. Use of Voice

a. Minakshi is reading a book.

Answer – A book is being read by Minakshi.

b. Was Kinjal making a painting ?

Answer – Was a painting being made by Kinjal.

c Boys will beat you if you go there.

Answer – You will  be beaten by boys if you go there.

d. Who has written this story ?

Answer – By whom has this story been written ?

5. Use of Reported Speech ( Narration ) –

a. Sheetal said, ” I may pass know. ”

Answer – Sheetal said that he might pass then.

b. My friend said, ” Tea must not be taken at night. ”

Answer – My friend said that tea must not be taken at night.

c. They said to us, ” They are going to read this book twice. ”

Answer – They told us that they were going to read that book twice.

d. Rudra said to me, ” You are a doctor.  ”

Answer – Rudra told me that I was a doctor.

To be continued ……………

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