Spanish Language – Scope, Career, Future in India

Language learning has become a big hobby among the youngsters these days. Besides doing other courses, these youths are learning modern languages English, French, Spanish, German et al. But now in addition to being only hobby, languages are providing great career options. Here in this article, we are discussing with you about Spanish Language and its scope.

About Spanish Language –

Spanish is one of the easiest modern languages. It is surprising that around Five Hundred and Twenty Seven million people across the world speak Spanish. 21 countries use this language as their official language.

The countries where people use Spanish as the official language are –

Spain, Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico etc.

Spanish is one of the five Official Languages of United Nations. Also it is one of the top five spoken languages of the world.

Scope/ Career/ Future after learning Spanish Language –

With the pace in globalization, the peoples of different countries are coming together. India is also expanding her business with all the countries including the above countries. With the Make in Programme and Tourism, we are also expecting more and more foreigners to visit India.

Obviously, we shall come across a no. of people who know Spanish. To interact with such people, the companies, hotels, restaurants will require staff that can communicate in Spanish language. Therefore, there is the unprecedented rise in the demand of such people.

Check the scope for the Spanish knowing people –

In MNCs and International Banks – People having complete hold on two or more languages ( Spanish + English) can get jobs in such organizations.

As a Teacher –

There is a growing demand of the teachers who can teach Spanish in all International Schools and good colleges. So people having good knowledge besides having some degree / diploma in Spanish can try their luck here.

Besides, the other places where people with fluency in Spanish can try –

BPO, Telecom Companies, Publishing Houses, Translators, Various Jobs in Embassies etc.

In addition, we can enjoy literature and music created in this language.

So there are myriad scopes for those who have good competence of Spanish Language. However, besides this language, these people must have good knowledge of English.

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