English Grammar Practice Set 6 for SSC CGL HSSC UPPSC Exams

English Grammar plays a decisive role in SSC CGL Preliminary/ Main, HSSC recruitment Exams, UPPSC exams. That’s why we are preparing a Question Paper for English Language.

We hope it shall be very beneficial for you in your upcoming exams. Here, we must remind you that SSC CGL Notification is about to come. HSSC and UPSSC also keep conducting recruitment related exams.

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SSC CGL / HSSC/ UPPSC English Paper –

Change the Narration of the following sentences –

a. Sita Said to her husband, ” When my brother will come today is not sure.”

b. I said to my friend, ” Why help him now ?”

c. She said to me,” Would you please move a bit?”

Common Errors -Correct the following sentences –

e. It is high time that they leave the city.

f. Crossing the road a truck crushed her.

g. The truck was loaded with potatoes.

h. Haryana has come into being on 1st Nov 1966.

i. Turning to the left the station at once will appear before your eyes.

Fill in the blanks with proper vocabulary –

j. Make it a habit to turn …………gas before you leave the kitchen.

k. The company has the turn………of Rs One crore a year.

Find the correct meaning from the options given ahead –

l. Chequered career –

i. Full of money ii. with ups and downs iii. beautiful iv. none of these

m. Damp squib –

i. complete failure ii. ups and downs iii. penniless iv. none of these

Compete the following para –

n. He wrapped a blanket ………..( on /around) me and sat me ( up/down) in our car. Soon after that, a fireman emerged …………..( into/from) our house with my mom ………( in/on) tow.

English Paper Solution for Staff Selection Commission CGL ( Main / Pre) Haryana SSC, UPSSC Tets

a. Sita told her husband that when her brother would come that day was not sure.

b. I told my friend that it was no use helping him then.

c. She requested me to move a bit.

e. that they left

f. While she was crossing the road, a truck crushed her.

g. Use laden instead of loaded here.

h. Haryana came into being

i. When you turn to the left …….

j. off

k. over

l. with ups and downs

m. complete failure

n. around , down, from , in

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