HTET Level II TGT English Question Paper with Solution

In this post, we are providing Solved Nov 2011 HTET Level II Question Paper for English Portion. It was the Eligibility Test for Social Studies with total 150 Questions. The Paper had 4 parts namely –

Part 1 Child Development & Pedagogy
Part 2 First Language ( Hindi )
Part 3 Second Language ( English)
And Part 4 SS

As we have earlier mentioned that we shall publish the English Portion of the paper here, the rest shall be out very soon.

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Subject English ( Part – 3 ) Total Questions – 30

Q. 1 He slept. Identify the underlined verb from the following alternatives.

a. Intransitive verb b. Transitive verb c. Regular verb d. None of these

Answer – a. Intransitive Verb

Q. 2. What is the superlative degree of Fast ?

Answer – It is Fastest.

Q. 3. What is the positive of superlative Least ?

Answer – Little

Q. 4. Comparative Degree of Bad ?

Answer – Better

Q. 5. What should be there in the following blank –

……………time has already been wasted ?

a. Few b. Many c. Much d. None of these

Answer – Much

Q. 6. Choose the correct statement –

a. We considered the matter farther.

b. We considered the matter further.

Answer – b

Q. 7. Past participle of Ride ?

Answer – Ridden

Q. 8. Simple Present of Grew ?

Answer – Grow

HTET Level 2 SS 2011 English Portion Solution

Q. 9. Choose the Adverb out of the following –

a. Walk b. Badly c. Good d. Fast

Answer – b. Badly

Q. 10.  Choose Adverb –

a. Hardly b. Hard c. Harder d. Hardy

Answer – a. Hardly

Q. 11. Correct spelling –

Answer – Perfidy

Q. 12. The movie is …………than the last one.

Answer – better

Q. 13. Ravi wasn’t thinking ………..

Answer – Clearly

Q. 14. Find the error in the following sentence –

I went to / the library to get / as many information / as I could.

Answer – as much information

Q. 15. Choose the correct sentence with respect to punctuation and capitalization –

a. How glad we were to see Aunt Rekha !

b. She was visiting us for summer.

c. Had she missed us !

d. We welcome her into our home ?

Answer – She was visiting us for summer.

Q. 16. Identify the nature of the underlined word.

All the people cheered.

Answer – Adjective

Q. 17. Identify the nature of the underlined word.

It’s sheer rubbish.

Answer – Adjective

Q. 18. Singular form of Gulfs –

Answer – Gulf

Q. 19. Choose the correct sentence –

a. Of water take this glass.

b. Take glass of this water.

c. Take this glass of water.

d. Take this water of glass.

Answer – c

Q. 20. Incorrect spelling –

Answer – Negative ( we have corrected this spelling)

Q. 21. What do we call word pair – discrete and discreet ?

Answer – Homonym

Q. 22. Noun of the word Strong ?

Answer – Strength

Practice Paper of English for HTET

Q. 23. Noun Form of Grave ?

Answer – Gravity

Q. 24. A very brief pause in a sentence is marked by using –

Answer – Comma

Q. 25. Identify the gerund – Jogging is a good exercise.

Answer – Jogging

Q. 26. Choose the sentence with correct use of comma –

Answer – Well, the ending did surprise me.

Q. 27. Correct abbreviation –

Answer – North St

Q. 28. Correct spelling –

Answer – Calendar

Q. 29. Correct Spelling –

Answer – Privilege

Q. 30. Meaning of the phrase – Cream of the crop ?

Answer – The best of a group

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We hope this paper shall be helpful in knowing the nature of the questions in the upcoming HTET.

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