Objective Type Questions from The Beggar

Prepare very short type questions or objective type questions with answers from The Beggar by Anton Chekhov - NCERT pattern - Useful links for 9th class students from the book Moments

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Q. Who is the writer of the story The Beggar ?

Answer - Anton Chekhov

Q. What is the name of the beggar ?

Answer - Lushkoff

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Q. What is the name of advocate ?

Answer - Sergei

Q. Who offers work to the beggar ?

Answer - The advocate

Q. Who did the work of chopping for the beggar ?

Answer - Olga

Q. What is the name of the Street ?

Answer - Sadovaya

Q. What is the name of maidservant ?

Answer - Olga

Q. How much money does Sergei give Lushkof for chopping wood ?

Answer - Half a rouble

Q. When did Sergei call Lushkoff for chopping wood ?

Answer - On the first of every month

Q. What was Lushkoff doing at the ticket window of a theatre ?

Answer - He was paying for seat

Q. Who had changed the beggar ?

Answer - Olga's kindness

Q. What had the beggar become ?

Answer - Notary

Q. How much does the beggar earn now ?

Answer - Thirty five roubles a month

Q. What is the meaning of drag ?

Answer - Pull

Q. What is the meaning of embarrass ?

Answer - Perplex

Q. What is the meaning of choir ?

Answer - Group of singers

Q. What is the meaning of curly ?

Answer - Twisted

Q. What is the meaning of menial ?

Answer - Physical

For more such questions and solution from The Beggar written by Anton Chekhov, you are welcome on this page. These questions are very good / useful for 9th standard students. If you want us to add some more questions, we shall. Should you wish to edit some questions, we shall do so. These questions are in the form of one mark question. The paper- setter may use them as multiple choice questions if he wants.

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