Objective Type Questions From A House is Not a Home

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from A House is Not a Home by Zan Gaudioso - Useful links - Based on NCERT pattern from the book Moments of 9th class

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Q. Who has written the story A House is Not a Home ?

Answer - Zan Gaudioso

Q. Where had the writer taken admission ?

Answer - High school

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Q. What did the writer miss ?

Answer - His old school

Q. How was his first year in the new school ?

Answer - Awkward

Q. Whose room was on fire ?

Answer - The writer's

Q. Where do the writer and his mother spend night ?

Answer - Grandparents' house

Q. Where does the mother drop the box ?

Answer - In the lawn

Q. What does that metal box contain ?

Answer - Important documents

Q. Who saved the mother ?

Answer - The firemen

Q. Why does the author run to the neighbours ?

Answer - To call the fire brigade

Q. How long does the fire overcome ?

Answer - After five hours

Q. Why does the writer cry ?

Answer - Because the cat was missing

Q. Who does not let him in ?

Answer - The fireman

Q. Where did the writer borrow tennis shoes ?

Answer - From his aunt

Q. Where did the writer and his mother borrow money from ?

Answer - From his grandparents

Q. Who had given the cat to the author ?

Answer -A kind lady

Q. Who had given school supplies, notebooks and all kinds of different clothes to the author ?

Answers - Strangers

Q. What is the meaning of teenagers ?

Answer - Between the age of thirteen and nineteen

Q. What is the meaning of gratitude ?

Answer - Thankfulness

Q. What is the meaning of weird ?

Answer - Strange

Q. What is the meaning of zombie ?

Answer - A dull and sad person

For objective type questions with complete solution from A House is not a Home written by Zan Gaudioso, you are welcome here. These questions are very good for 9th class students. We shall also edit this post/ add some questions to this post later.

Good luck for your exam.

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