Objective Type Questions from The Last Leaf

Prepare very short questions or objective type with answers from The Last Leaf by O Henry – NCERT pattern – From Moments for 9th class students

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Q. Who has written the story The Last Leaf ?

Answer – O. Henry

Q. Who are two artistic friends ?

Answer – Sue and Johnsy

Q. Who fell ill ?

Answer – Johnsy

Q. Whose leaves were falling ?

Answer – Ivy creeper outside the window

Q. What fancy did Johnsy have ?

Answer – She would die when the last leaf of the ivy

Q. What is the name of the old painter who lived downstairs ?

Answer – Behrman

Q. Who told Behrman about Johnsy’s fancy ?

Answer – Sue

Q. What is the meaning of pneumonia ?

Answer – Inflammation of one or both the lungs

Q. What was the age of Behrman ?

Answer – More than sixty

Q. What had Behrman painted ?

Answer – A leaf on the wall

Q. What was happening that night when Behrman painted a leaf on the wall ?

Answer – Raining and snowing heavily

Q. Which disease was Behrman suffering ?

Answer – Pneumonia

Q. Who died in the end of the story ?

Answer – Behrman

Q. What was Behrman’s masterpiece ?

Answer – The leaf on the wall

Q. What is the meaning of lantern ?

Answer – Lamp

Q. What happened to Johnsy after seeing the last leaf on the wall ?

Answer – She started recovered and out of danger

Q. What is the meaning of masterpiece ?

Answer – A piece of the highest workmanship

Q. What is the meaning of shivering ?

Answer – Trembling

For such very short questions or objective type questions with solution from The Last Leaf written by O. Henry, you are welcome to this page. If you have any suggestion or any other questions regarding this story, we welcome you here. Should you find any error, you can tell us via comment box ahead. These questions are very useful. Good luck for your 9th paper.

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