Objective Type Questions From Weathering the Storm in Ersama

Prepare very short questions or objective type questions with answers from Weathering the Storm in Ersama by Harsh Mander – Based on NCERT pattern – Important links below –

Weathering the Storm in Ersama at examweb.in

Q. Who is the writer of Weathering the Storm in Ersama ?

Answer – Harsh Mandir

Q. When did the cyclone hit Orissa ?

Answer – On 27th Oct 1999

Q. Who had gone to meet friends ?

Answer – Prashant

Q. Where did the friends live ?

Answer – Ersama

Q. How far was Ersama from Prashant’s village ?

Answer – Eighteen kilometers

Q. What was the speed of winds ?

Answer – 350 km per hour

Q. What had fallen on the house ?

Answer – An uprooted tree

Q. Where did Prashant and his friend’s family take refuge ?

Answer – On the roof of the house

Q. Whom did he find on his way to his own village ?

Answer – His uncle’s two friends

Q. What was the name of Prashant’s village ?

Answer – Kalikuda

Q. How many lives were lost in his village ?

Answer – Eighty six

Q. How many houses in his village had the cyclone washed away ?

Answer – Ninety six

Q. Whom had Prashant and other youths approached for rice ?

Answer – Local merchant

Q. Who had dropped the food ?

Answer – A military helicopter

Q. What was the scheme to attract the helicopters ?

Answer – They deputed children to lie there with empty utensils on their stomach

Q. How long was it raining in his village ?

Answer – For 36 hours

Q. What was floating on water when Prashant stayed his village ?

Answer – Dead bodies of men, women, children, animals and household things

For very short or objective type questions with solution from Weathering the Storm in Ersama written by Harsha Mander, we welcome you on this page. These questions are very useful for 9th class students. There shall be 50% very short questions in the English paper. If you want us to add some more questions, we shall. Use comment box for the purpose.

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