Objective Type Questions from The Happy Prince

Prepare objective type questions or very short questions with answers from The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde – Based on NCERT pattern – Useful for 9th class students from the book called Moments – Important links

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Q. Who is the writer of the story The Happy Prince ?

Answer – Oscar Wilde

Q. What is the name of the prince ?

Answer – Happy

Q. On what did the statue stand ?

Answer – On a tall pillar

Q. What was his body gilded with ?

Answer – Leaves of gold

Q. What were Happy Prince’s eyes made of ?

Answer – Sapphires

Q. Which bird is there in the story ?

Answer – Swallow

Q. Which country is the bird going ?

Answer – Egypt

Q. Which river does flow through Egypt ?

Answer – Nile

Q. Where was the ruby ?

Answer – In Happy Prince’s sword

Q. What was poor woman ?

Answer – Seamstress

Q. What was she embroidering on a satin gown ?

Answer – Flowers

Q. Whose gown was that ?

Answer – Queen’s maid

Q. What was the seamstress’ son suffering from ?

Answer – Fever

Q. For which fruit was the son crying ?

Answer – Oranges

Q. What occupation does the young man have ?

Answer – Writer

Q. What does the poor girl do ?

Answer – She is a matchgirl

Q. Where have all her matches fallen ?

Answer – In to the gutter

Q. Who had ordered to remove the statue ?

Answer – The Mayor of the city

Q. Where did they melt the statue ?

Answer – In a furnace

Q. What happened to the swallow ?

Answer – It died

Q. How did the swallow die ?

Answer – Due to snow

Q. What did not melt in the furnace ?

Answer – Leaden heart

Q. Where was the leaden heart lying ?

Answer – Dust heap

Q. What were the most precious things does the angel of God find in the city ?

Answer – Dead swallow and leaden heart of Happy Prince

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