Difference between Fairly and Rather with usage in Sentences

People, especially the students, keep looking of the proper use of Fairly and Rather. Sometimes due to incomplete knowledge of these two adverbs, the users use one for the other which leads to a big confusion among the readers or listeners. Let us tell you the proper use of Fairly and Rather and the difference between them. So get ready to do the use of the adverbs Fairly and Rather along with the examples.

Learn the Use of Adjectives ( Common Errors )

Use of Fairly -

Fairly is used in a moderate sense before the adjectives used in good sense.


  • He is fairly well.
  • The weather is fairly fine.
  • Your  story is fairly interesting.

Use of Rather -

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Rather is also used in the moderate sense before the adjectives used in bad sense.

  • Ram is rather hopeless.
  • The weather is rather bad.
  • The description of the incident is rather boring.

Correct Use of Rather and Fairly

Now on the basis of the use of both Fairly and Rather, we are in a position to differentiate between them. So check the difference between fairly and rather.

Fairly is used in pleasant conditions.

  • She is fairly beautiful.

Rather is used in unpleasant conditions.

  • They are rather mean and cunning.

Fairly is never preceded by Too wherever we use rather before the adverb " too'.

  • John is rather too unwise.
  • John is fairly too wise. ( Wrong )

Fairly doesn't take the article A immediately after it, but this is not the case with Rather.

  • Abraham is fairly a handsome boy. ( Wrong )
  • Abraham is rather a stupid boy. ( Right )

In short, Fairly is used in Affirmative sense where as Rather in Negative one. So be careful while using them in your speaking or writing. For more Grammar, Vocabulary and Tips related articles, keep visiting examweb.in.

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  1. Is it wrong to say " My father is rather generous"?
    Another example: She is fairly shirt. Oh no, she is rather beautiful.
    Kindly explain


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