Know About Dr Ambedkar - Objective GK About Baba Saheb

Dr B.R. Ambedkar is a legendary leader of the country. His contribution as a Maker of Indian Constitution is tremendous. We celebrate his birth anniversary on 14th of April. That's why every Indian, especially the students must know much about his life, his contribution to the country. His life is a source of big inspiration for everyone.

We are presenting to you about his life/ achievement in the form of Question/Answer. We hope you will get some benefit from this effort of ours.

Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar - Life and Achievement / GK

Q. 1. What is the date of birth of Dr Ambedkar ?

Answer - 14th of April 1891

Q. Name the place of his birth ?

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Answer - Mhow Cantonment of Indore ( MP).

Q. What is the name of his parents ?

Answer - Mother - Bhimabai, Father - Ramji Maloji Sakpal

Q. What was his father ?

Answer - Subedar in the army

Q. What was Ambedkar's age when his mother died ?

Answer - 5 years

Q. Which caste did Ambedkar belong to ?

Answer - Mahar

Q. What were the people of Mahar caste considered ?

Answer - Untouchables

Q. Where would Ambedkar sit in the school ?

Answer - Outside the class

GK Questions about Dr Ambedkar's Life and Achievements

Q. When and whom was Dr Ambedkar married ?

Answer - With Ramabai in 1906

Q. In which year did Ambedkar pass his matric ?

Answer - In 1907

Q. Which fact is related with his admission to Bombay University ?

Answer - He became the first untouchable to take admission to this university.

Q. In which college did he take admission under the University of Bombay ?

Answer - Elphinstone College

Q. Where did the Maharaja of Gaekwad send him for higher studies ?

Answer - Columbia University New York, America

Q. When and where did Dr Ambedkar go for doing study of barrister ?

Answer - On 11th of Nov 1917 in London

Q. When did he become a barrister ?

Answer - In 1922

Q. From where did he begin his practice as a lawyer ?

Answer - From Bombay High Court

Q. Which post did Ambedkar occupy under the Maharaja of Baroda ?

Answer - Military Secretary

Q. Why did he relinquish the post of Military Secretary ?

Answer - As an opposition to untouchability

Q. Name the magazine Baba BR Ambedkar published ?

Answer - Mook Nayak ( Mute Hero )

Q. When did Dr Ambedkar start the publication of Bahishkrit Bharat ?

Answer - On April 3rd 1927

Q. When did he become the Professor in Law College ?

Answer - In 1928

Q. When did Baba Saheb become the member of Simon Commission ?

Answer - In 1928

Q. What was his portfolio in JL Nehru's cabinet ?

Answer - Minister of Law and Justice

Facts/ Questions about Baba Saheb Ambedkar

Q. What was his tenure in the office ?

Answer - From 15th August 1947 to Sept 1951

Q. Which political party did he form ?

Answer - Samata Sainik Dal

Q. Between whom and when did the Puna Pact occur ?

Answer - Dr Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi in 1932

Q. Who was the PA of Baba Saheb ?

Answer - Nanakchand Rattu

Q. How long did Dr Ambedkar take in writing Indian Constitution ?

Answer - 2 years/11 months/18 days

Q. Which religion did he adopt ?

Answer - Buddhism

Q. When and where did he adopt the religion ?

Answer - On 14th of October 1956 at Diksha Bhumi, Nagpur

Q. How many people followed him in adopting Buddhism ?

Answer - Around 10 million

Q. Which great book did he author ?

Answer - The Budha and His Dhamma

Q. When did he receive Bharat Ratna ?

Answer - In 1990

Q. When did Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar die ?

Answer - 6th of December 1956

Note- People of India celebrated 128th birth anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar on 14th April 2019.

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