How to write Application for Job – Sample Letter

Writing an application for job is a constant process for every job-seeker. The candidates must be very alert while writing such applications. These Job-letters must reflect their whole personality and skills to the recruiters.

These applications provide the would-be employers the first impressions about you much before you appear for the interview. Therefore, the job-letter must contain clear-cut and authentic information about the job-seeker. Here are some points, everybody must remember before he starts writing job-application.

How to write Application for Job ? – Tips/ Points

The letter must be concise. It means it must contain each and every information about you in fewer words. The information must be relevant to the post for which you are applying. Always remember that your would-be boss will never be interested in your life-story.

So tell him about those aspects of your career that his company needs in its employees. There may be several formats for writing such letters. You can choose any. You can follow the below-given format for writing an impressive application for job.

  • Start writing with the self address on the right side of the paper.
  • It must be followed by the date on which you writing the application.
  • Then there must be the address of the employer.
  • Don’t forget to write the Subject.
  • Use proper salutation using words such as Dear/ Sir/ Sirs/ Respected etc.
  • Then write down the body of the letter. Your word-selection should be good and effective. We reiterate – Don’t ramble while writing the letter. Everything should be to the point.
  • Here also mention the documents such as your CV, copies of documents you have attached with the letters.
  • Then put down the subscription of the letter. You can use one of the following subscriptions -Yours truly, Yours, Respectfully, Yours sincerely etc.
  • Then put your signature.

Now check the Sample Letter/ Application for Job –

24/7, Urban Estate


20th April 2023


Cyclone Computer Software Pvt Ltd


Subject – For the post of Supervisor.

Respected Sir,

While going through the HT of 16th of March 2017, I came to know that you require a person for the post of Supervisor for your company. I went through all the details you need in a person. I assure you that I fulfill all such conditions and assume myself fit for the job. Hereunder I am providing you all necessary details about me.

Sir, at present I am working with Surya International A to Z Computer Company in the capacity of Asst Manager. I have been here for the last 3 years. As for my educational qualification, I am a 24 year-Graduate in Computer Science from Delhi University.

Besides I am fluent in spoken English. So my experience, qualification and other skills make me one of the most eligible candiates for your company. In the present firm, my employers are happy with me for my dedication and skills. I’m also enjoying good work-culture and status there. However, I find here little scope for progress due to its limited business expansion. In all there is little scope of learning for me.

But in your company I see more scopes for me to prove myself. I hope that I will be able to hone myself under your extraordinary guidance and with that honed experience I shall be able to do a lot for you.

Again I assure you if selected, I shall leave no stone unturned in making my selection worthy. I have annexed all the required documents along my CV with this application.

Looking forward to having an affirmative reply.


John Marlow

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