6 Tips – How to enhance your Sitting for competitive Exams ?

This is the time of cut-throat competition for getting jobs, admissions to the reputed institutions and so on. No body wishes to give up any opportunity to prove himself. And to grab that opportunity the candidates need to burn midnight oil. Consistent hard work becomes the order of the day.

There is the need to spend hours with the books without feeling exhausted both physically and mentally. We happen to read the interviews of some successful persons. Most of them attribute their success to hours-long hard labour.

Therefore, if you wish to get the desired success in life, you will have to undergo untiring hard work besides other things. And for that you need to have longer sitting. Now the question is ” how to enhance the sitting capacity ?”

There are some problems everybody faces while studying longer. First, we get bored sitting for hours. Secondly, we face body-ache, sometimes in the back, other times in the neck. It keeps shifting from one part to other part.

Third, we tend to lose focus with every passing hour. We feel like leaving studies, getting up and watching TV and playing games. Books become burden and things stop to enter our minds. So what to do then ? Can’t stop studies. There are final exams or entrance exams ahead.

So how to make studies interesting and spend more time with books ? Here are some tips to make studies cool and sitting more comfortable –

Tips for longer sitting for Exams1. Slow and steady wins the race –

Don’t start with a big show. In the beginning, everybody looks zealous and therefore spends more time with the books. I’ve seen some students who start with a bang, spending several hours in the very beginning. However, with the passage of time, they energy starts getting thinner. Several hours get converted into several minutes.

Ultimately, there is no schedule for studies. Therefore it is rightly said,” Slow and steady wins the race.” Why to run in the very beginning? First of all create interest and gradually enhances the duration of your sitting. In the beginning give 1 or 2 hours as per your comfort and then enhance them to 3 to 4 and so on. Behave like a sprinter.

2. Don’t read when you are getting bored –

Sit with your books with interest in them. When your interest starts getting lesser, leave them.

3. Take gaps –

Sitting for hours at one stretch is not good for health. Take gaps. Take some walking. Listen songs. Play some games or take some rest. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee with your parents. When you get refreshed come back and hug your books.

4. Keep shifting your studies from one book to another –

Reading one subject all the day will certainly make you sick. Therefore keep changing your subjects and books. This practice will not let your interest die. Well said, ” Change is the spice of life.”

5. Keep yourself motivated

Constant self-motivation is the key to hard work. Without it nobody can work. If you have dreams, only then you can work. So have dreams and be motivated. Think about the successful persons related with would-be career. This will help you in sitting for more hours with your books.

6. Strong Passion and Determination –

Passion and Determination can create interest themselves. If you have passion for your aim and your will power is strong, you can give more hours to achieve it, at any cost.

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