Scope after Journalism – Best Institutes

What is the scope after Journalism / Various Institutes that offer this course

These days there is a great passion for journalism among the youths. As a result, the demand for the course Journalism and Mass Communication is increasing. But before doing this course, the students want to know its scope and best institutes that offer this course. Therefore a journalist shares the various events to the viewers/ readers in an objective manner.

Good journalists have great influence on the viewers’ minds. There are some very good journalists such as Ravish Kumar, Avinash, Sumit Avasthi and so on. Besides good reputation, the salaries are good. Salaries depend upon the network and experience. So in this article, we are telling you the scope and best institutes for Journalism.

There is print, television, radio and internet media. All these media are very powerful. Now there is the change in the trends regarding news. Now-a-days all latest news is available at internet. So competition is very high for the breaking news.

1. Print Media – If you have good flair for writing and transform your views in to words, print media is for you. Print media includes newspapers, magazines etc.

2. Electronic Media – If you can face camera quite confidently and argue with the people, you are fit for electronic media. But competition is very tough. It is better to have some experience from Print Media before venture in to it.

3. Citizen Journalism – Aware citizens are the good journalists these days. Keep your eyes open and then collect, report, analyze and share your news.

4. Photo Journalism – If you love photography as well, then it shall be a better option for you. Photos speak more powerfully than the words can.

5. Teaching – If you do master degree followed by M.Phil/PhD and NET, you will be in great demand at the Institutions/Universities where the courses related with Journalism are offered.

6. Broadcast Journalism – It is about spoken or written journalism for Radio or TV.

Best Institutes which offer Course in Journalism –

Your career shall depend upon the Institutes or varsities from where you are doing your course. So be choosy regarding the institutes. Here are some –

Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

Website –

Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahamedabad

Indian Institute of Journalism and News Media, Bangalore

Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune

Times School of Journalism, New Delhi

Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai

Besides almost all the universities of the country offer this course. Besides the degree or diploma, the candidates must have proficiency in speaking and writing.

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