Best Geometry Learning Platform for Students

Math is a complicated subject with lots of disciplines. Math students may need to solve logic problems and do difficult calculations. One of the math disciplines is geometry. Geometry tasks often imply drawing a picture and understanding it. Most geometry

Questions on Profit and Loss – Maths Practice Set

Besides the other topics of Math for Competitive exams, the called Profit and Loss is also very important. There are two or three questions on Profit and Loss in almost every exam. For the candidates of SSC CGL/ CHSL, HSSC

How to Prepare for Maths ? – Some Effective Tips

If you are preparing for PO Exam or Clerical Exam for Banking Sector or you have to undergo SSC CGL Preliminary and Mains, Math will certainly catch your attention. Math is the integral part of each and every exams. If

Questions based on Streams – Maths Practice Set

Important Sums on Streams – Upstream / Downstream When we talk about the speed of the boat or swimmer, we mean the speed of the boat ( or swimmer) in still water. If the boat moves against the stream, it

Questions on Time & Distance – Maths Practice Set

There are two or three questions on Time and Distance in any of the competitive exams. Math is a compulsory part of any of the exams by SSC/IBPS/States’ Boards and Commissions. So here is one practice set for Time and