Synthesis of Simple Sentences – Definition & Examples

Definition and examples of Synthesis of Simple Sentences – Imp/useful links ahead –

Definition of Synthesis –

Synthesis means the combination of two or more simple sentences into one simple, complex and compound sentence.

a. Sue purchased a pencil. She wanted to give it to you.

Sue purchased a pencil to give it to you.

b. Ravi went to the station. His aim was to receive his mother.

Ravi went to the station to receive his mother.

c. Ram advised Sita. She worked according to his advice.

Sita worked according to Ram‘s advice.

d. Kinjal accepted. She met Rudra last night.

Kinjal accepted to have met Rudra last night.

e. John has a lot of rupees. He would help the needy.

John has a lot of rupees to help the needy.

f. The old woman is very weak. She can not walk.

The old woman is too weak to walk.

g. Kinjal came to the market. She was very happy.

Coming to the market Kinjal was very happy.

h. Rudra was thirsty. He took gulps of water from his bottle.

Being thirsty Rudra took gulps of water from his bottle.

i. Radha found money on the road. It  was Ravi’s money.

Radha found Ravi’s money.

j. They gave Rahul a pencil. It was short.

They gave Rahul a short pencil.

k. She took juice. She went to school.

Having taken juice she went to school.

l. The police reached. The thief ran away.

The police having reached, the thief ran away.

m. Rani bought a new cycle. She bought it for her brother.

Rani bought a new cycle for her brother.

n. Rahul Dravid was the best batsman. He was known as the wall.

Rahul Dravid , the wall, was the best batsman.

o. People cried at a beggar. He was thirsty.

People cried at a thirty beggar.

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