Synthesis Part 2 – Simple Sentences into One Sentence – Examples

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Synthesis Simple Sentences

Radha had a dog. She had a puppy also.

Radha had a dog and a puppy.

Ravi purchased a new scooter. He purchased also old scooter.

Ravi purchased new and old scooter.

Kinjal went to the school. Her brother also went with her.

Kinjal and her brother went to the school.

Rudra went to market. He went over and again.

Rudra went to market over and again.

Rudra was reading his book. His pace was very fast.

Rudra was reading his book very fast.

We are certain. Kinjal will go to her friend’s house.

We are certain that Kinjal will go to her friend’s house.

Ram is OK. They are certain of it.

They are certain of Ram being OK.

The information is right. That he stands first in the class.

The information of his being first in the class is right.

Radha wished. She will get good marks.

Radha wished to get good marks.

He has faith. The information is right.

He has faith in the rightness of the information.

Radha wants. They must pass.

Radha wants them to pass.

Ravi may attend your birthday. He is proud of it.

Ravi is proud of attending your birthday.

The people hope. They will see him the next day.

The people hope to see him the next day.

It seem. Ravi is poor.

Ravi seems to be poor.

Ram and Shyam hope. They will fill the electricity bill next week.

Ram and Shyam hope to fill the electricity bill next week.

Ravi saves his time. It is wise. 

It is wise of Ravi to save his time.

For such sentences of grammar ( Synthesis ), keep coming on this page. We shall update this page for more such sentences later.

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