Important Sentences of Daily Use from Hindi to English

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On this page, our readers will read important sentences which they use in day to day life. Here we have tried to translate these sentences. Translation is very important if you want to learn language two ( English ) using language one ( Hindi ). Translation is very important for English learners. Should you want to learn English language, you must use translation. If you come across any error in this article of ours, our team requests you to tell us about that mistake. We hope these sentences may be helpful for you.

Translation from Hindi to English –

a. कृपया एक तरफ हो जाओ। – Please/ Kindly get aside.

b. अपनी कोपियाँ चेक करवा लो। – Get your note-books checked.

c. यह सड़क कहाँ जाती है ? – Where does this road lead to ?

d. तुम्हारी बहन बदसूरत है। – Your sister is ugly.

e. क्या उसने डॉक्टर से अपनी बीमारी चेक करवा ली है। – Has he got his disease checked from the doctor ?

f. उनको थप्पड़ मत मारो। – Do not slap them.

g. उसे उनकी मदद जरूर करनी चाहिए थी। – He must have helped him.

h. तुम कितनी भाषाएँ बोल सकते हो ? – How many languages can you speak ?

i. क्या वह संस्कृत व्याकरण जानता है? – Does he know Sanskrit Grammar ?

j. क्या उसने तुम्हारी सिफारिश की है ? – Has he recommended  you ?

k. मुझे अगले हफ्ते दिल्ली जाना है। – I have to go to Delhi next week.

l. क्या उसने हिरण पर निशाना लगाया ? – Did he aim at the deer ?

m. कक्षा ऊपर है। – The class is upstairs.

n. क्या कक्षा नीचे है ? – Is the class downstairs ?

o. क्या हम उस पर एक एहसान करेंगे ? – Shall we do a favour to him ?

p. चलें ? – Shall we go ?

Best wishes for your future exams. We hope these sentences will help you a bit.

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