Practice Sets for If Clause with Rules & Solution for English Learners

English Learners must know the proper use of If Clause/ Sentences  in their day-to-day conversation. If adverbial conditional clause has three parts –

  1. Probable Conditional Clause
  2. Improbable Conditional Clause
  3. Impossible Conditional Clause

We have already discussed Rules regarding If Adverbial Clause. You can read these rules from here. In this post, we shall only provide you the Practice Sets in the form of blanks, error finding and translation.

Fill in the blanks using If clause rules

a. If you read this book, you ………….( find ) the truth.

b. He would fail if he ………….( work hard ).

c. She would have cleared the test, if she ……………( work hard).

d. Had I known her, I ………….( help ) her.

e. Ravana ………..( die) had he not kidnapped Sita.

f. Had his speech been sans facts, nobody …………( listen) to him.

g. You …………..(enjoy) a lot if you ………..( be ) here now.

Answers –

a. will find b. did not work hard c. had not worked hard d. would have helped e. would have died f. would have listened g. would, were

Common Errors related with the use of If –

a. If she had invited me, I would go there.

b. Has she prepared hard, she would have won the competition.

c. If I was you, I would have helped him.

d. The accident could have been averted if the drive used some wisdom.

e. We will reach the top of the roof if we were birds.

Solution – a. I would have gone b. Had she prepared hard …. c. If I were you ….. d. the driver had used…..e. would reach

Translation Practice Set related with If Sentences –

a. अगर बच्चे मेहनत करेंगे हम उन्हें पुरुष्कार देंगे। – If children work hard, we shall give them a reward.

b. अगर बारिश न होती तो हम क्रिकेट खेलते।  – Had there been no rain, we would have played cricket. or If there had been no rain, we would have played cricket.

c. अगर तुम मेरी बात सुनोंगे तो पछताना नहीं पड़ेगा।  – Should ( If ) you listen to me, you will not have to repent.

d. अगर शहीद अपनी जिंदगी न्योछावर नहीं करते, देश कभी आजाद नहीं होता।  – If the martyrs hadn’t sacrificed their lives, the country wouldn’t have been freed.

e. यदि वह यहाँ नहीं आता, लोग उसे झूठा समझते।  – Had he not come here, people would have considered him a liar.

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