Question Paper on Environmental Studies ( EVS ) GK for Small Kids

Environmental Studies is a wonderful subject that provides us information regarding our environment with our relationship with it. This is a question paper containing questions on EVS for small kids. We hope that this paper shall help in gaining some knowledge about EVS.

EVS Question Paper with Answers -

Q. Up to which age does human body grows in terms of height ?

Answer - 18-20

Q. How many centimeters are there in one inch ?

Answer - 2.5 cm

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Q. Name the sense organs of human beings ?

Answer - Eyes, Ears, Nose, Skin and Tongue

Q. What do we call the script meant for the blind ?

Answer - Braille

Q. Which of the following scientists suffered from nervous disorder ?

a. Einstein b. Newton c. Stephen Hawking d. None of them

Answer - c. Stephen Hawking

Q. Who's heart beat is faster - a baby's or an adult's ?

Answer - a baby's.

Q. What are weeds ?

Answer - Unwanted plants that grow along with the crop.

Q. How many kinds of teeth are present in the mouth ? Name them .

Answer - Four types. They are Incisors, Canine, Premolars and Molars.

EVS GK for Small Children

Q. Of which deficiency causes marasmus among the children ?

Answer - Deficiency of proteins

Q. What causes night blindness ?

Answer - Deficiency of Vitamin A

Q. Which system does beri-beri disease affect ?

Answer - nervous system

Q. Of which deficiency causes the disease Scurvy ?

Answer - Vitamin C.

Q. What happens due of Scurvy disease ?

Answer - Bleeding Gems

Q. What is the source of Vitamin D ?

Answer - Milk, Cheese, Eggs and sun bathing

Q. Which disease take place due to deficiency of iodine ?

Answer - Goiter

Q. Deficiency of iron causes .....

Answer - Anemia

Q. What is the origin of the word Sport ?

Answer - French word Desport which means leisure.

Q. What do we call Kabaddi in South India ?

Answer - Chedu-gudu

Q. What is the martial art of HP ?

Answer - Thoda

Q. What is the martial art form of Manipur ?

Answer - Cheibi Gad-Ga

Q. Kalaripayattu is a .......

Answer - Form of Martial Art of Kerala.

Q. Which game does M.C. Mary Kom belong ?

Answer - Boxing

Q. Of which country is snake boat race the local game ?

Answer - Kerala

Q. When was Project Tiger launched ?

Answer - In 1973

Q. When was wild tea discovered in India and where ?

Answer - In Assam around 1823

Q. Who had started Chipko movement ?

Answer - Tribal people of Garhwal under the leadership of Chandi Prasad Bhatt

Q. Chipko Movement is linked with ...........

Answer - Protection of trees

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