One Word Substitution from Previous Exams by SSC, IBPS, Railways

It is always better to use one word in place of 10 words. It is because our words are to be saved up, not lavishly used. There are many excellent words in English that can do the work of numerous words. These words come in the category of One Word Substitution.

They make your sentences shorter and more effective. Such words are very useful in exercises on precis writing. Besides there are many competitive exams where you come across questions carrying them.

Therefore, we are again busy in preparing a Question Paper/ Practice Set carrying One Word Substitutions from some previous exams. You should prepare these words if you are thinking to face any exam in future. We assure you that this Practice Set will be very useful for you there.

One Word Substitutions from Old / Previous SSC/ Banking/ Railways Exams

1. Widely known for something bad –

Answer – Notorious

2. Show sign of uncertainty –

Answer – Hesitate

3. A disease which spreads by contact –

Answer – Contagious disease

4. A person who has no money to pay off his debts –

Answer – Insolvent

5. Be sorry –

Answer – Regret

6. Intentional destruction of racial groups –

Answer – Genocide

7. An action as no man of honor will take –

Answer – Dishonorable

8. A person who takes interest in antiquities –

Answer – Antiquarian

9. Evenness of mind or temper –

Answer – Equanimity

Practice Set for One Word Substitutions

10. A person who is a womanish in his habit –

Answer – Effeminate

11. A person fond of sensuous enjoyments –

Answer – Epicure

12. Study of diseases –

Answer – Pathology

13. One who makes journey on foot –

Answer – Pedestrian

14. A person who hates women –

Answer – Misogamist

15. Connoisseur of choice food –

Answer – Gourmet

16. Honorably discharged from service –

Answer – Emeritus

17. An insect with many legs –

Answer – Centipede

18. Study of faces and skulls –

Answer – Phrenology

19. To root out an evil –

Answer – Eradicate

20. Study of insects –

Answer – Entomology

21. A person who is hard to please –

Answer – Fastidious

22. Incapable of being wounded –

Answer – Invulnerable

23. A fault that may be forgiven –

Answer – Venial

24. The act of violating the sanctity of a religious place –

Answer – sacrilege

25. A tank to keep fish –

Answer – Aquarian

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