Haryana Board 12th English Grammar Set C Solution 2019

In the previous blog, I had solved the English Grammar Portions of Set A and Set B of Haryana Board March 2019 Conducted Exam. Now you can see the solution of English Core Set C Grammar ( Portion B Solution ). The Section B carries two elements – Grammar and Writing Skills.

Solution of Set A and Set B

About Grammar Section –

It was the Question No. 3 with five parts viz a, b, c, d. and e. Five parts mean five different topics of Grammar. Each part consisted three sentences out of which the students had to do two. It means grammar was of 10 marks.

Solution of HBSE 12th March 2019 English Paper –

3. a. Change the form of narration –

i. The father asked Mohan to lie down.

ii. The child asked his mummy what he would tell him.

iii. He said that he does Yogasanas daily.

3.b. Use of Articles

i. The sky has no limits.

ii. He is admitted to No Article hospital.

Note – Primary Purpose

iii. This ring is made of No Article gold.

Haryana Board 2019 12th Grammar Solution

3.c Use of Modals –

i. May our king live long !

ii. Make haste lest you should get late.

iii. My friend did not help me though he could have helped.

3.d. Change the voice –

i. There is nothing to be lost.

ii. Will the fruit be eaten by me ?

iii. The fruit is sweet when tasted.

3.e. Correct form of verbs –

i. I or he is to be rewarded.

ii. Many an accident has recently taken place.

Note- Many a or many an is always followed by singular noun and singular verb.

iii. No student and no teacher was present.

Note – If there are any mistakes in the grammar portion solved above, the readers can mention them in the comment box below. This is not an official solution. Thanks

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  2. Are you sure that your 1st article is right because acc to me there should The sky has no limits will be right answer because sky is one

    • The sky has no limit is correct. Thanks.


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