Haryana Board 12th English Paper Solution March 2019 – Set A B C D

Haryana Board ( HBSE ) has conducted the final exam for 12th English Subject on 7th of March 2019. The paper had four sets. It was for both types of categories of students – Regular and Open. As we have mentioned in the title, it had four codes namely – Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D. After the paper was over, students ran from pillar to post to know the answers of the Grammatical Portion. Here we are solving Grammar for the help of the students.

Solution of 12th English Set A Section B Grammar Portion –

3. a. Change the form of narration –

i. Monika said that she had read a new novel by R. K. Narayana.

ii. The manager asked the customer if he/she wished to open an account.

iii. He exclaimed with joy saying well done.

3.b. Use of Articles –

i We buy No article oil by the litre.

ii. The great Shakespeare committed grammatical errors.

iii. The rich should help the poor.

3.c. Use of Modals –

i. She expects that her son may return.

ii She advised that I should curtail expenditure.

iii. She must not have left alone as it was raining heavily.

3.d. Change the Voice –

i. I was encouraged by him.

ii. You are requested to come soon.

iii. It is impossible to be done.

3. e. Use of correct form of verbs –

i. More men than one were absent today.

ii. Neither of the two boys has done it.

iii. What evidence are these facts ?

Haryana Board ( HBSE ) Set B Grammar Section B 2019 –

3. a Change the form of narration –

i. The girl said that she would do it.

ii. A parent asked the peon where the principal lived.

iii. The boy said that he had posted the letter.

3.b. Use of Articles

i. There is a swimming pool in our area.

ii. Air is important for No Article life to exist.

iii. Mr Rao is the Director of the institute.

3.c. Suitable Modals –

i. If give request her, she might give a lift.

ii. Should you work hard, you will pass.

iii. I am sure the Principal must be in his room.

3d. Change the voice –

i. I would like to be helped.

ii. The answer is not known to me.

iii. You are abandoned to stay here.

3. e. Correct forms of verbs –

i. The director as well as the dancers was honored.

Note – Here the verb agrees to the subject before as well as.

ii. Four miles is not a long distance.

Note – Here the phrase ” Four miles ” is working as a single unit, therefore we have use is.

iii. Time and tide waits for none.

The phrases such as time and tide, law and order, bread and butter are always considered singular, So they take singular form of verbs.

We will publish the HBSE English Paper Grammar Portion of Set C and Set D soon.

Note – * If any of our readers comes across any mistake in the solved papers, he/ she can let us know via comment box below.

** Don’t waste your precious time in thinking about your  mistakes in the paper, pay attention to the next papers.

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